One of the most appealing features of this traditional Senegalese holiday camp is the location: Diakene Ouoloff, a village of no more than 1,800, still untouched by mass tourism. In this little Eden, sand covers the ground, goats cavort freely and mangos grow everywhere on the branches of trees. Temperatures are pleasant in all seasons, but if the weather gets hot, you can always go down to the river and have a splash, or take a canoe ride to the nearby Ille d’Egueye.

Located in the Casamance region (South of Senegal), in Diakene Ouoloff you will find all the good things the area has to offer, but most of all warm hospitality, and an unspoiled treasure of nature and culture. These virtues also define the identity of the Casamance Leisure and Culture Resort, where visitors discover local culture and traditions guided by Diakene’s own dwellers via workshops, talks, or maybe having lunch at the local food restaurant. At the Casamance resort we struggle to offer visitors a complete, integral experience and also to boost the natural and human resources of the village.

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