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Diakene Ouoloff is located on a strategically optimum location for excursions on foot, by bike or by boat. For a moderate fare, visitors to our resort have at their disposal a dedicated team of qualified local guides who show them the secrets and wonders of this beautiful region.


Only a few minutes away from our resort, the visitor can enjoy spectacular views and visit places of particular cultural interest, such as the maternity ward, the family-run fields or the women’s orchards.  

Bicycle rides

The Casamance is a totally flat territory, which makes riding a bike a great option for exploring the area. We make it very easy, helping you to rent a bike and instructing you about the best spots around. There’s no excuse!   

Fishing outings

We’re going fishing! No, you don’t have to bring anything. On the contrary – with a bit of luck you may return to the camp with a barracuda or a chus (the fish species that locals value the most). You may cook it yourself or bring it to our cook Nday, who will prepare it for you at the restaurant.

Crocodile Buolong

Let’s get this straight – this ain’t no risk activity! The point is to have a nice boat trip among he mangroves. So you will see crocodiles, but from some distance.