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We are Diop Thiaw and Mariana Santos, in other words:

A Senegalese-born man from a Diola family of animist beliefs who works as a qualified guide, mostly at the Casamance, but also in the rest of the country; and a woman from Donostia (Spain) who works in the textile industry, loves travelling and became fascinated with the Casamance area, its people and traditions when she arrived there during one of her trips.

We fell in love, we got married and, for a while, we settled down in Donostia, where we lived and worked until Malick Fer was born. At that point we thought it was time to change our way of living – both for us and for Malick, who will find at the Casamance a more welcoming and relaxed environment in which to grow up.

This is why we decided to set up the Casamance Leisure and Culture Resort.


We want to build a space where locals and visitors may live together.

The holiday camp will be simple and will not have many rooms, so that the region and its dwellers may go on living as they have been living so far. It is our wish to respect and nurture local traditions, as well as allowing for the meeting and exchange of cultures, which is a key aspect of our project.

Therefore all consumer goods will be local, and we truly hope our attention to detail will allow us to make a nice and cosy place of it. Just like the culture resort, where both tourists and local dwellers will always be invited to our diverse activities.

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