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If anyone visiting the resort still finds the aforementioned activities are not enough and wishes to immerse him/herself into the ancient traditions of the Diola village, we also provide the chance to hire a workshop taught by an expert from the region.


The central square is the stage where the spectacular shows of local dancers take place. There are also workshops for the not-as-proficient dancers among us.

Tam Tam music

Renowned musician Mamadou Fall helps us to understand and love this very ancient percussion instrument.


The most typical sport in the region, a Senegalese fight combat is much more than your average match, involving also a high degree of spirituality and ceremony. For those interested in practising these martial arts, a local fighter teaches them at our resort.


Before attending a special ceremony, women in the village gather in groups and paint their feet and hands with this natural henna. To watch them at work is just as enjoyable as to witness the relaxed atmosphere that surrounds the whole process. Why not join them?

Cooking course

An expert cook from Diakene Ouoloff teaches us to prepare the country’s star dish: tieboudienne, cooked in the traditional style with rice grown in the nearby fields.

The tea ritual

The Senegalese love to take it slow when it comes to preparing ataaya, the bittersweet tea they drink at all times. After changing the recipient several times, tea is tasted in three steps. The first sip has an intensely bitter taste; the second, just the right amount of sugar; and the third is described as ‘sweet as love’. How could we resist?